Plumbers Edinburgh: Ensuite shower installation & emergency plumbing repairs

Electricians Edinburgh: Kitchen and bathroom elctrics, outside lights and rewiring

Concrete & Stone Paving: New driveways, patios and garden paths Edinburgh

Edinburgh Painting & Decorating: Decorating bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens & halls

Kitchen Tiling, Bathroom Tiling: Professional tiling services for quartz, porcelain & travertine tiles Edinburgh

Bricklaying, Joinery & Construction: Loft conversions, extensions and home improvements

Edinburgh Carpenters and Joiners: Door hanging, skirting board fitting and general joinery

Kitchen Units & Bathroom Suites Edinburgh: Units installed, appliances plumbed and wired, complete installation & tiling

Edinburgh Wall & Ceiling Plastering: Home repairs and renovation from living room to bedroom Edinburgh

Edinburgh TV Aerial & Satellite: Multiroom aerial installation and satellite systems

Edinburgh Central Heating: instant hot water and on-demand central heating systems

Roofers Edinburgh Roof repairs, roof tiles stripped and replaced, dormer windows fitted, chimney repointing

Flooring Edinburgh all kinds of flooring materials layed & fitted

Gardener Edinburgh for garden maintenance and landscaping projects

Windows & Doors Replacment window frames, glazing units and doors

Locksmith Edinburgh Replacment door and window security locks

Drain Cleaning Edinburgh clearing blocked drains and checking drainage pipes for cracks

UK Motorhome Hire Rent a camper van or motorhome near Edinburgh

car washing, waxing & valeting Edinburgh: auto detailing and cleaning including: alloy wheels, paintwork, trim & upholstery

Building Renovation

For Example:
New Doors
Aerial Installation

Edinburgh Tradesmen
EH1 Edinburgh=> Edinburgh EH1
EH10 Morningside=> Morningside EH10
EH48 Boghall=> Boghall EH48
EH10 Hillend=> Hillend EH10
EH12 Turnhouse=> Turnhouse EH12
EH12 Corstorphine=> Corstorphine EH12
EH12 Gogar=> Gogar EH12
EH12 South Gyle=> South Gyle EH12
EH13 Colinton=> Colinton EH13
EH14 Craiglockhart=> Craiglockhart EH14
EH14 Hermiston=> Hermiston EH14
EH14 Balerno=> Balerno EH14
EH14 Currie=> Currie EH14
EH14 Juniper Green=> Juniper Green EH14
EH14 Kinleith=> Kinleith EH14
EH14 Malleny Mills=> Malleny Mills EH14
EH14 Newmills=> Newmills EH14
EH15 Joppa=> Joppa EH15
EH15 Portobello=> Portobello EH15
EH15 Duddingston=> Duddingston EH15
EH15 Craigmillar=> Craigmillar EH15
EH17 Liberton=> Liberton EH17
EH17 Gilmerton=> Gilmerton EH17
EH18 Polton=> Polton EH18
EH19 Lasswade=> Lasswade EH19
EH20 Loanhead=> Loanhead EH20
EH20 Straiton=> Straiton EH20
EH21 Fisherrow=> Fisherrow EH21
EH21 Musselburgh=> Musselburgh EH21
EH21 Inveresk=> Inveresk EH21
EH21 Whitecraig=> Whitecraig EH21
EH21 Crossgatehall=> Crossgatehall EH21
EH21 Newcraighall=> Newcraighall EH21
EH21 Wallyford=> Wallyford EH21
EH22 Millerhill=> Millerhill EH22
EH22 Danderhall=> Danderhall EH22
EH22 Cousland=> Cousland EH22
EH22 Dalkeith=> Dalkeith EH22
EH22 Bonnyrigg=> Bonnyrigg EH22
EH22 Eskbank=> Eskbank EH22
EH22 Newbattle=> Newbattle EH22
EH22 Newtongrange=> Newtongrange EH22
EH22 Mayfield=> Mayfield EH22
EH23 Gorebridge=> Gorebridge EH23
EH23 Carrington=> Carrington EH23
EH23 Middleton=> Middleton EH23
EH23 Arniston=> Arniston EH23
EH23 Borthwick=> Borthwick EH23
EH23 Temple=> Temple EH23
EH23 Dewarton=> Dewarton EH23
EH23 Newlandrig=> Newlandrig EH23
EH23 Newtonloan=> Newtonloan EH23
EH23 North Middleton=> North Middleton EH23
EH24 Rosewell=> Rosewell EH24
EH25 Auchendinny=> Auchendinny EH25
EH25 Roslin=> Roslin EH25
EH25 Bilston=> Bilston EH25
EH26 Easter Howgate=> Easter Howgate EH26
EH26 Milton Bridge=> Milton Bridge EH26
EH26 Woodhouselee=> Woodhouselee EH26
EH26 Penicuik=> Penicuik EH26
EH26 Howgate=> Howgate EH26
EH26 Mount Lothian=> Mount Lothian EH26
EH26 Pomathorn=> Pomathorn EH26
EH26 Carlops=> Carlops EH26
EH26 Silverburn=> Silverburn EH26
EH27 Bonnington=> Bonnington EH27
EH27 Ainville=> Ainville EH27
EH27 Kirknewton=> Kirknewton EH27
EH27 Wilkieston=> Wilkieston EH27
EH27 Camps=> Camps EH27
EH28 Newbridge=> Newbridge EH28
EH28 Ratho=> Ratho EH28
EH29 Dalmeny=> Dalmeny EH29
EH29 Kirkliston=> Kirkliston EH29
EH30 South Queensferry=> South Queensferry EH30
EH31 Gullane=> Gullane EH31
EH32 Aberlady=> Aberlady EH32
EH32 Longniddry=> Longniddry EH32
EH32 Spittal=> Spittal EH32
EH32 Ballencrieff=> Ballencrieff EH32
EH32 Cockenzie and Port Seton=> Cockenzie and Port Seton EH32
EH32 Luffness=> Luffness EH32
EH32 Seton Mains=> Seton Mains EH32
EH32 Prestonpans=> Prestonpans EH32
EH33 Cockenzie=> Cockenzie EH33
EH33 Tranent=> Tranent EH33
EH33 Elvingston=> Elvingston EH33
EH33 Macmerry=> Macmerry EH33
EH33 Gladsmuir=> Gladsmuir EH33
EH33 Elphinstone=> Elphinstone EH33
EH33 New Winton=> New Winton EH33
EH34 Pencaitland=> Pencaitland EH34
EH34 New Town=> New Town EH34
EH34 West Saltoun=> West Saltoun EH34
EH34 East Saltoun=> East Saltoun EH34
EH35 Ormiston=> Ormiston EH35
EH36 Humbie=> Humbie EH36
EH36 Blegbie=> Blegbie EH36
EH36 Gilchriston=> Gilchriston EH36
EH37 Fala=> Fala EH37
EH37 Crichton=> Crichton EH37
EH37 Pathhead=> Pathhead EH37
EH37 Chesterhill=> Chesterhill EH37
EH37 Fala Dam=> Fala Dam EH37
EH38 Heriot=> Heriot EH38
EH39 North Berwick=> North Berwick EH39
EH39 Dirleton=> Dirleton EH39
EH39 Athelstaneford=> Athelstaneford EH39
EH39 Cleghornie=> Cleghornie EH39
EH39 Drem=> Drem EH39
EH39 Fenton Barns=> Fenton Barns EH39
EH39 Kingston=> Kingston EH39
EH4 Davidson's Mains=> Davidson's Mains EH4
EH4 Cramond=> Cramond EH4
EH4 Blackhall=> Blackhall EH4
EH4 Cramond Bridge=> Cramond Bridge EH4
EH4 Barnton=> Barnton EH4
EH40 East Fortune=> East Fortune EH40
EH40 East Linton=> East Linton EH40
EH40 Preston=> Preston EH40
EH41 Haddington=> Haddington EH41
EH41 Huntington=> Huntington EH41
EH41 Garvald=> Garvald EH41
EH41 Lennoxlove=> Lennoxlove EH41
EH41 Gifford=> Gifford EH41
EH41 Longyester=> Longyester EH41
EH41 Whittingehame=> Whittingehame EH41
EH41 Long Newton=> Long Newton EH41
EH41 Luggate Burn=> Luggate Burn EH41
EH41 Morham=> Morham EH41
EH41 Samuelston=> Samuelston EH41
EH41 Bolton=> Bolton EH41
EH41 Danskine=> Danskine EH41
EH41 Papple=> Papple EH41
EH42 Dunbar=> Dunbar EH42
EH42 Innerwick=> Innerwick EH42
EH42 Pitcox=> Pitcox EH42
EH42 Skateraw=> Skateraw EH42
EH42 Spott=> Spott EH42
EH42 Thorntonloch=> Thorntonloch EH42
EH52 Broxburn=> Broxburn EH52
EH42 The Brunt=> The Brunt EH42
EH42 Tyninghame=> Tyninghame EH42
EH42 West Barns=> West Barns EH42
EH42 Whitekirk=> Whitekirk EH42
EH42 Crowhill=> Crowhill EH42
EH42 East Barns=> East Barns EH42
EH42 Stenton=> Stenton EH42
EH43 Walkerburn=> Walkerburn EH43
EH44 Innerleithen=> Innerleithen EH44
EH44 Colquhar=> Colquhar EH44
EH44 Traquair=> Traquair EH44
EH44 Cardrona=> Cardrona EH44
EH45 Eddleston=> Eddleston EH45
EH45 Peebles=> Peebles EH45
EH45 Hallyne=> Hallyne EH45
EH45 Waterheads=> Waterheads EH45
EH45 Stobo=> Stobo EH45
EH45 Wormiston=> Wormiston EH45
EH45 Lyme=> Lyme EH45
EH45 Posso=> Posso EH45
EH45 Kirkburn=> Kirkburn EH45
EH45 Kirkton Manor=> Kirkton Manor EH45
EH45 Castlehill=> Castlehill EH45
EH45 Kings Muir=> Kings Muir EH45
EH46 Dolphinton=> Dolphinton EH46
EH46 Romanno Bridge=> Romanno Bridge EH46
EH46 West Linton=> West Linton EH46
EH46 Baddinsgill=> Baddinsgill EH46
EH46 Craigburn=> Craigburn EH46
EH46 Lamancha=> Lamancha EH46
EH46 Blyth Bridge=> Blyth Bridge EH46
EH46 Leadburn=> Leadburn EH46
EH46 Mountain Cross=> Mountain Cross EH46
EH47 Whitburn=> Whitburn EH47
EH47 East Whitburn=> East Whitburn EH47
EH47 Blackburn=> Blackburn EH47
EH47 Seafield=> Seafield EH47
EH47 Longridge=> Longridge EH47
EH47 Stoneyburn=> Stoneyburn EH47
EH47 Loganlea=> Loganlea EH47
EH47 Fauldhouse=> Fauldhouse EH47
EH47 Headlesscross=> Headlesscross EH47
EH47 Greenburn=> Greenburn EH47
EH48 Bathgate=> Bathgate EH48
EH48 Armadale=> Armadale EH48
EH48 Bathville=> Bathville EH48
EH48 Blackridge=> Blackridge EH48
EH48 Westrigg=> Westrigg EH48
EH48 Woodend=> Woodend EH48
EH48 Torphichen=> Torphichen EH48
EH48 Westfield=> Westfield EH48
EH49 Bridgend=> Bridgend EH49
EH49 Loan=> Loan EH49
EH49 Burnside=> Burnside EH49
EH49 Wester Ochiltree=> Wester Ochiltree EH49
EH49 Linlithgow=> Linlithgow EH49
EH49 Philpstoun=> Philpstoun EH49
EH49 Blackness=> Blackness EH49
EH5 Granton=> Granton EH5
EH51 Inveravon=> Inveravon EH51
EH51 Bo'ness=> Bo'ness EH51
EH51 Borrowstoun=> Borrowstoun EH51
EH51 Grangepans=> Grangepans EH51
EH51 Bo'Ness=> Bo'Ness EH51
EH51 Carriden=> Carriden EH51
EH51 Muirhouses=> Muirhouses EH51
EH52 Uphall=> Uphall EH52
EH52 Newton=> Newton EH52
EH52 Dechmont=> Dechmont EH52
EH52 Dechmont Road=> Dechmont Road EH52
EH52 Ecclesmachan=> Ecclesmachan EH52
EH52 Winchburgh=> Winchburgh EH52
EH52 Three Miletown=> Three Miletown EH52
EH53 East Calder=> East Calder EH53
EH53 Oakbank=> Oakbank EH53
EH53 Mid Calder=> Mid Calder EH53
EH53 Pumpherston=> Pumpherston EH53
EH54 Livingston=> Livingston EH54
EH54 Livingston Village=> Livingston Village EH54
EH54 Deans=> Deans EH54
EH54 Bellsquarry=> Bellsquarry EH54
EH55 West Calder=> West Calder EH55
EH55 South Tarbrax=> South Tarbrax EH55
EH55 Woolfords=> Woolfords EH55
EH55 Polbeth=> Polbeth EH55
EH55 Tarbrax=> Tarbrax EH55
EH55 Addiewell=> Addiewell EH55
EH55 Breich=> Breich EH55
EH6 Leith=> Leith EH6
EH7 Warriston=> Warriston EH7

Home Maintenance Services Edinburgh

Refurbishment Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Block Paving

    Hard Landscaping and Driveway Refurbishment

    Block Paving & Driveways Edinburgh: driveway cleaning services, low maintenance rear gardens, order driveway materials, tumbled travertine pavers, creating new driveway designs & damaged driveway hole repairs Edinburgh

    Driveways & Paving Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Builder

    Loft Conversions & Extensions

    Builder Services Edinburgh: residential boundary walls, converting loft spaces, general building maintenance, spray foam insulation services, interior wall erection & creating disabled access in commercial buildings Edinburgh

    Builders Edinburgh
  • Electrician Edinburgh

    Extra electrical outlets fitted and homes rewired in Edinburgh:

    Extra electrical outlets fitted and homes rewired in Edinburgh: wiring up downlighters under wall mounted cupboards, installing garden lights to create ambient atmosphere, installation of ambient lighting in gardens, plug sockets that aren't working are being fixed, installing kitchen task lighting beneath wall cupboards & replacing cables to electric outdoor lighting Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Electrician

Edinburgh Property Maintenance