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Restoring Old Photographs - Converting BnW to Colour

"Creating a Dramatic and Unique Colour Photograph "

This picture was created using a 1920's Black and white photograph of the actress Peggy Shannon. It serves as an example of the advanced techniques available to restore and renovate your old photographs and create unique family photos for your walls.

The Original Photo of Twenties Actress Peggy Shannon

"The Original Black and White Peggy Shannon Photograph"

The picture behind her head is distracting and merges with her hair. Also, the left side of her face is a little dark.

1920's Theatre Set Used as Background 1920's Coloured Theatre Set - Slight Colour Added Figure added to Foreground to check composition
"Creating an Aesthetic Picture Composition"

A suitable background image is chosen.
For this actress I chose a contemporary 1920's Theatre Set from The Three Musketeers.
The side of her face has been lightened.

Getting the Tonal Balance Right Adding Colour Back Realistic Skin Tones Take Time and Many Layers of Colour
"Adding Colour to an Old Photograph"

Say goodbye to the curl of hair and say hello to a realistic flesh colour.

Adding Nail Varnish, eye Shadow and Rouge Creating drama with top lighting completing the colour, tonal and composition balance

"Completing the Photo Renovation"

Subtle make up adjustments have been added including:- rouge, eye-shadow and nail varnish while still maintaining a classic yet contemporary style.
The background has been reworked slightly to add atmosphere and creating the light beam effect to complete this photo transformation.

Restoring the Classic Image

Face and skin in portrait photographs needs careful restoration to avoid the "Pink Block Effect" commonly seen in inferior restoration. Skin has elasticity, depth and a certain translucence that seems to reflect light from many levels

Old Photo Restoration

Restoration Tip

Anything is possible. It is important to preserve historic photographs for future generations but sometimes it is worth experimenting with a more creative approach to "restoration". In this way you are more likely to display "renovated"versions of your favourite photos to appreciate them daily. The original picture remains as an historic record.

Black and White Landscape To Colour

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