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Website Design from three sixty north - If a photograph needs to be more than an historic record - Anything is Possible

"Lakeland Beauty "
Unique Sepia and Colour Blend.

Get the model to relax first:- A stick insect walked into a bar and ordered Twiglets.........

"Bug Smile" - Macro Photography

Handheld Photo with no Trick Photography. Foliage converted to monochrome and that's about it.

"Just Bee" - Macro and Photo Alteration

Peggy Shannon was an Art Deco Starlet with a tragic ending. Follow the link to find out more.

· Waiting for D' Artagnan·
Black and White Image - Converted to colour and the background replaced.

Photographer Newcastle

· Created for Willow Florists·
Image Created from a series of digital montages.

Photographic Services Newcastle Upon Tyne

Digital photography,Wedding photography, Portrait photography, Commercial photography.
Web Site Design Newcastle Upon Tyne.NE1 from NE12 UK
HTML, XHTML, CSS specialist.

Design Tip for Newcastle NE1

When creating photographs for your website it's worth considering page loading times and choose the most effective file type to keep image files sizes to a minimum. If your site is popular then it's possible that you will be charged a premium by your hosting company if your download limits are exceeded.

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