Web Design Tips to Boost Search Engine Ranking

The Magnificent Seven SEO Tips

Website design tips to get you noticed:-

Write with Authority.

Optimising your web pages for search engines is the first step in your long-term internet success.
You know your subject well enough to develop a website. Write about your subject bringing out your knowledge and experience to capture the interest of your target audience.

Website design is important but not at the expense of information. This is the hardest part so don't be afraid to publish your pages then re-write sections. If you believe you could have done it better then just do it again and replace with better copy. Remember - Providing informative text-rich content is the first stage in the optimising process

Be Interesting

Write with passion.
I love design and especially the flexibility of website design. I want to share information and help people wherever possible. If you feel passionately about your subject then tell people. Make your text engaging enough to keep their attention and they'll read on. If you can't; don't worry, just get the services of someone who can help express your opinion.

Use Website Titles Wisely

Remember that your trying to communicate so make your titles stand out. Better still, the search engines will also be interested in your titles so use a liberal sprinkling of your key words and phrases.

Emphasise Important Web Text

Important words should be emphasised. If they stand out to your audience then, chances are that they'll stand out to the search engines and that's a major part of Search Engine Optimisation.

Let Search Engines Read Your Web Pages

The overall web experience involves many different forms of website design. Some use Java or Flash to help build interactive and dynamic web sites. They're great for some people but many people can't use Flash or turn off Java to prevent pop-ups and other spamming techniques.

Search Engines can't read Flash or index Java efficiently so the information is ignored.
This is wasting keywords and phrases and position points in Search Engine Ranking. Website design that looks great and is never found on Search Engines is not helping to pay for itself.

Spell Web Text Corectly

If someone is taking the truble to search for infomation then you dont wanto miss owt because you've 'spelt' somthing wrong! Unless... you are using common mispellings of important key words or phrases for a competative edge.

Optimise Your Images For Fast Web Page Loading

No one is going to wait indefinitely for your pages to load so you need to optimise web graphics to ensure they load as quickly as possible. That's the first part of the story. You should also add a relevant description to your 'Alt Tags' to squeeze every last chance of improving your Search Engine Ranking with Google, Yahoo and other Search Engines.

Avoid Food After Midnight

I make no apologies for emphasing phrases in garish red. Those phrases stand out to you AND Search Engines. So, read this page again and see how the titles in bold, phrases in red and phrases in pale blue seem more important than the rest of the page text.
The general text helps support the main words and phrases.

This last point didn't make the top seven but it's still very important. If you need help with web design, or writing web copy give me a call for a free, no obligation estimate. Feed me after midnight and I'll be awake into the early hours working like a Gremlin. And one final thought- Just like the Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai - You can succeed against impossible odds if you develop a website design strategy for Search Engine Optimisation Success!

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