Free Web Promotion Tips

Easy ways to build website traffic

Do the Numbers:

More Targeted Visitors = Greater Potential Success

Have your URL - website address, for example, put on all your stationery:

Make sure every advertisement has your website address:

Put your URL on promotional items such as:

Give them to your customers, friends and give them away at every event you attend. Brand your uniforms with your URL

Put your URL in any press releases.
Create a press release for your website, submitting it to a suitable distribution service.
Put a copy on your site and update it regularly.

Use More Than One Domain Name to Promote Your Business

Existing customers know your business and should find you easily BUT what about potential customers that don't know you exist? Register a strategic domain name that uses a catchy phrase as a meme or includes important keywords for your business e.g.:-

Now completely forget this domain name if you can.
If you aren't sure which keyword domain names are best for your industry I can help.

Use an Email Address To Match Your website

Even if your usual email address

you can create an outgoing email address that looks

Better still you can forward incoming emails for:
to your regular address.
Combine your new professional email address with an email signature that uses your domain name in a simple memorable phrase: "Performance Tuning Gives More 'F' in Power -"

Regularly add new content to your website

Increasing your website by just 1 page per month can have a huge impact on the number of visitors to your site and allows you to expand and keep to a manageable budget. Like the idea? Ask about our Page-a-Month packages to save you the trouble. Imagine 12 pages year on year with each page packed with important key words and key phrases.

Update Existing Pages regularly to benefit from additional stategic key words and key phrases.

Make sure your site is submitted to the major search engines

Monitor Search Engine Page Rank, making adjustments to your website and gaining even better search engine traffic.

As I write this, I am promoting one business that was unlisted and now has 5 of the Top 10 listings on the first page of Google for their main business area.
There's no spam, or no unethical promotion techniques, no paid advertising - just genuine highly targeted web-pages. This also means that 4 of their most likely competitors are now relegated to Page 2.

Ensure you can get detailed reports on your web traffic

How many visitors do you have?
How do they find you?
What Search words and Phrases do they use?
Only when you have the right information can you target potential customers better.

Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

But remember when the money runs out so does your Search Engine Publicity.

Exchange Links with sites that do not compete with yours

Exchange links with complimentary sites. Even bettter if they also share a common theme or location. Every visitor to their site could become a visitor to yours. Also, the Search Engines love to see inbound links to your site so it can help your Page Rank for important link phrases. If you would like to exchange links then email: Link Exchange and start today. Consider participating in news groups and discussion groups and forums where you can offer genuine help. Every posting can contain yourURL after your signature.

Place Special Offers on your website

Encourage people to get in touch

Add a frequently asked questions area

Answer the most commonly asked questions and...
If you have a very niche site or product consider adding a glossary and explaining important jargon for your area of expertise.

Sell Yourself

Are there products related to your service that you can sell or promote on your website?
If you do sell on your website, explore selling those same items on eBay.
This can be a profitable way to make money and a very efficient way to promote your website.

Seek Help

If these ideas are interesting but you feel you need help,
don't have the spare time,
or the inspiration and knowledge needed to make it work then I can help.

Valuable Head Start

Call today on 0191 2684473 and together we can start promoting your business efficiently, economically and within your budget.
P.S. These are the ideas I'm happy to give away for free. As a client, you will benefit from ideas and techniques that help benchmark your closest competition AND leapfrog your business ahead.

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