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Preparing Mobile Phone Photos for Print

Mobile Phone Raw Photograph

"Creating a Great Family Portrait from a Mobile Phone Photo"

I was approached recently with a request to prepare a print from a snapshot taken with a mobile phone. "Lewis" was caught on a mobile phone camera with this great cheeky smile.
Unfortunately, in the original photo, the top of his head is missing and the background is rather unflattering.

The Original Photo of Twenties Actress Peggy Shannon

"The Original Photograph taken on a Mobile Phone"

I replaced the background with a photo in my collection of "Graffiti Art". I thought it added to the cheeky character of the subject. I painted in the hair to replace the missing area. His family were very pleased with the result.

Restoration Tip

Many snapshots show the great character of the subject and can never be repeated but the composition just doesn't quite work. These pictures make a great starting point for "Photo Renovation" and can be converted into fantastic pictures for your wall or album.

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