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Renovating Special Photos

Restoring Wedding Photographs

"Adding a little Light and Magic"

I created this Special Photo from a snap-shot I took nearly 20 years ago. In the original photo; the bride was sitting in the back seat of a car and the background was very distracting.
I restored the photo with great care to avoid the tell-tale edge-silhouette often seen when a "magic-wand tool" is used to remove background detail. Restoration or in this case Renovation with a little patience results in a seamless transition from portrait to landscape. The replacement background sepia-photo is "Cat Bells" in the Lake District.

The Original Photo of Twenties Actress Peggy Shannon

"Radiant Bride but Distracting Background "

The car in the background completely destroys the composition of this impromptu Snap-Shot.

1920's Theatre Set 1920's Coloured Theatre Set Figure back in Place to check composition
"Adding a little Wedding Day Magic"

The first intention - Removing that distracting car and highlight on the wood trim.
It seemed obvious after that - "Why stop at the car?"

Creating Aesthetic Portraits from Less than Perfect Snap-Shots

A lot of Special Photos are never displayed because of slight mishaps that spoil the composition. How many photos do you have where comments like this apply:-

"Nice BUT It looks like there's a tree growing out of their head"
"I love that one of you BUT It's a shame all those people are in the background"
"Great picture BUT the background's distracting"

If the subject of your photo is good then we can transform it into a Great Picture.

Restoration Tip

Whatever the problem, there's always a solution. Using digital restoration techniques it's possible to replace missing details. If you have more than one photograph it's even possible to "borrow-detail" from a contemporary picture to create a missing piece.

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