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Adding Colour to Old Landscape Photos

Using a selection of natural colours to colourise old prints


I was asked by The Watercress Company to transform old black and white photos of the Watercress Harvesting and Packaging process.

Original Photo Of Watercress Packing

Original Old Photo of Watercress Packaging

The original black and white photo lacked contrast.

Watercress Packing - Improved Tonal Range - Contrast
Improving Contrast Before Colouring Photos

Colouring will modify the contrast slightly so we need to create the best tonal image first

Watercress Packing - From Monochrome to Colour
Using colours based on a natural landscape scene taken under similar lighting conditions
Sampled Colours For Black and White Landscape Photo

By sampling a landscape photograph taken under similar lighting conditions we can re-construct this old photo into colour.

Watercress Harvesting - Old Monochrome Photo

Watercress Harvesting - Original Old Monochrome Print

This image has everything - People, Clouds, Buildings, Landscape and we need to be able to re-create that sense of depth as colours become more pastel with distance.

Watercress Harvesting - Increasing Tonal Range in a Monochrome Photo

Watercress Harvesting - Increased Tonal Range

Watercress Harvesting - Monochrome to Colour

Watercress Harvesting - Transformed into colour

The field of watercress has less saturated colouring as the distance from the camera increases.

Colour Restoration Tip

Don't be afraid to borrow colours from a modern photo. They help you create a pallet for colouring old monochrome prints
Using a single colour to represent a large area rarely looks natural.
Blend a range of closely related colour-shades to create a more natural effect

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