B-LIST Successful Internet Marketing

Using your B-List keyword choices to develop a:-

highly focused internet marketing campaign

generating highly targeted visitors

The aim of the exercise is to come up with as many different ways of describing "what you do " as possible so that you can create a list of descriptions "Engine Searchers " may use to find your business.
It's a good idea to get a number of different people involved so that you've got "focused web search phrases " reflecting people with different personalities and requirements for example:
By reading the title of this article you sort of know what I mean by B-List but "What IF " I asked the same question of an "Entomologist" The "Bee List " could be:-

Or what about a "Philosopher" or a "Yoga Specialist" then we would have a "Be List"

Now asking a "movie-buff" friend of mine for his "B-List" generated the following series of films.
I don't apologise if they aren't in your "list of b-movie cult films"

And my "BList":-

If it's Obvious try something Else

B list, B-list, Blist, Be List, Bee List - They're ultimately all the same - A method of defining a set of criteria that expand upon the obvious choices. It's a bit like going on holiday to a very popular destination. You know it's going to be crowded when you get there. If you don't like crowds go for the slightly less obvious destinations and gain some space to breathe and enjoy.

Remember Three "B" Things:-

And If you can remember the "3 R's" then think R'n'BE

Be Different

Be Found

Be Successful

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