Applying Uncommon Techniques to Internet Marketing

I love to read and there's rarely a day goes by without scanning some non-fiction book about anything. The interesting part about all this is that Off-Topic subjects can generate some of the most interesting ideas. I've just finished watching "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith in the role of Chris Gardner struggling to start a career in Stock Brokerage.

Anyway, this got me thinking about Pareto's Principle or the later interpretation of "The Principle of Least Effort" by George K. Zipf. It is commonly referred to as the 80:20 Principle and is well covered in the book by Richard Koch.

It suggests that 20% of the Effort accounts for 80% of the Result and thus it takes the remaining 80% of Effort to complete the remaining 20%. Let's take a business example: 80% of Profits can be generated from 20% of the products in your range and the remaining 80% of your inventory generates only 20% of your profits.

Survival NOT Of The Fittest

It just so happens that I was also reading "Born Free" by Joy Adamson about Elsa an orphaned lion cub.
As an orphaned cub,common sense says that "Elsa" should be among the weakest and most vulnerable of animals AND a prime target to be picked off by predators YET because of this predicament it was adopted and brought up by Joy Adamson secure from predators and with a regular source of food.
Once mature, it was re-introduced back into the wild so it went from certain death as a cub to success as a mature lioness.
So the Uncommon Sense Approach can transform certain death into survival.

Stand Alone not Part of A Crowd

A lion selects its prey from among a herd of wildebeest because for some reason the prey stands out. It could be injured, separated from the herd or moving differently.

Your Customer as the Hunter and You The Prey

To be the Prey i.e. focus of attention, you will need to separate from the crowd so that you can be seen as different and then perhaps you will have a better chance of survival.

Apply the 20:80 Rule

To have an 80% chance of success make sure you're among the 20% that use a different approach to marketing and you won't be ignored as a "ME TOO".

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