Gaining Credibility for Dormant Domain Names

Maximising Page Rank by Long Term Strategic Planning

I registered several domain names to cover key dot-com; dot-net and dot-uk alternatives for a client about a year ago and only really used the dot-com.

Dormant Domain Increasing Page-Rank

A year later I started to set up a website using their spare dot-uk and start promoting and establishing its content. I chose a handful of directories and was surprised when the site, not yet 14 days old and poorly indexed immediately listed as PR3. I thought nothing of it until I submitted an older 1000 page website to the same web directories.

Web Design is not the only way to High Page Rank

It was better constructed; full of images and well indexed with the major search engines but because of the internal linking structure to ensure all the pages were indexed I wasn't surprised when it ranked as PR0 and PR1 depending on the Directory.

Page Rank Credibility

This got me to thinking about the importance of Page Rank for credibility and how to "mature" a dormant site with external links. The only reason for the difference in Page-Rank that I could find was a handful of Articles I had written a year before and referenced to the unused dot-uk domain that I then simply re-directed back to the primary dot-com site. They had been in place 12 months and created well-established links that boosted the credibility of the new site.

Maximising Future Page Rank for Dormant Sites

Create credible articles and link them to the unused domain. Re-directs can transfer visitors to a relevant section of an existing site until you're ready to develop the dormant domain. There's no Spam or underhand purpose to this just banking your assets until your ready to use them.

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